Tuesday, 23 September
9:45 10:00 Opening Words
10:00 11:00 Testing Methodologies I
  • Antonia Estero-Botaro, Antonio García-Domínguez, Juan José Domínguez-Jiménez, Francisco Palomo-Lozano, and Inmaculada Medina-Bulo. A Framework for Genetic Test-Case Generation for WS-BPEL Compositions.
  • Shaukat Ali and Tao Yue. Evaluating Normalization Functions with Search Algorithms for Solving OCL Constraints
11:00 11:30Coffe break
11:30 13:00 Testing Methodologies II
  • Uraz Cengiz Turker, Tonguç ünlüyurt and Hüsnü Yenigün. Lookahead-Based Approaches for Minimizing Adaptive Distinguishing Sequences.
  • Franz Wotawa and Josip Bozic. Plan It! Automated Security Testing Based on Planning.
  • Anurag Dwarakanath and Aruna Jankiti. Minimum Number of Test Paths for Prime Path and Other Structural Coverage Criteria
13:00 14:30Lunch
14:30 15:30 Short Contributions I
  • Martial Chabot and Laurence Pierre. A Customizable Monitoring Infrastructure for Hardware/Software Embedded Systems.
  • Benedikt Eberhardinger, Hella Seebach, Alexander Knapp, and Wolfgang Reif. Towards Testing Self-organizing, Adaptive Systems.
  • Eun-Hye Choi, Takashi Kitamura, Cyrille Artho, and Yutaka Oiwa. Design of Prioritized N -Wise Testing.
Guided Walking Tour
Wednesday, 24 September
10:00 11:00Franz Wotawa. On the Boundary between Testing and Fault Localization.
11:00 11:30Coffe break
11:30 13:00 Tools and Frameworks
  • Hamza Samih, Helene Le Guen, Ralf Bogusch, Mathieu Acher and Benoit Baudry. An Approach to Derive Usage Models Variants for Model-Based Testing
  • Mariem Abdelmoula, Daniel Gaffe, and Michel Auguin. AUTSEG: Automatic Test Set Generator for Embedded Reactive Systems
  • Rainer Schmidberger. Well-Defined Coverage Metrics for the Glass Box Test
13:00 14:30Lunch
14:30 19:00Excursion
21:00Gala dinner
Thursday, 25 September
10:00 11:00Salvador Ignacio Folgado Bellido. Advanced Solutions for Automation of Functional Test
11:00 11:30Coffe break
11:30 13:00 Industrial Experiences
  • Manuel Palmieri, Antonio Cicchetti, and Anders Oberg. Cutting Time-to-Market by Adopting Automated Regression Testing in a Simulated Environment.
  • Morten Mossige, Arnaud Gotlieb, and Hein Meling. Testing Robotized Paint System Using Constraint Programming: An Industrial Case Study.
  • Anca Deak. What Characterizes a Good Software Tester? – A Survey in Four Norwegian Companies
13:00 14:30Lunch
14:30 15:30 Short Contributions II
  • Miroslav Bures. Change Detection System for the Maintenance of Automated Testing
  • Khaled El-Fakih, Tariq Salameh, and Nina Yevtushenko. On Code Coverage of Extended FSM Based Test Suites: An Initial Assessment
  • Kivanc Doganay, Sigrid Eldh, Wasif Afzal, and Markus Bohlin. Search-Based Testing for Embedded Telecom Software with Complex Input Structures