Taught courses

2011 - present: Taught courses at Complutense University of Madrid

  • Formal methods in testing
  • Programming of Distributed Systems
  • Web Applications
  • Corporative software
  • Programming (Java)
  • Software tools for online gambling
  • Fundamentals of Programming (C++)
  • Data Bases
  • Introduction to programming (Python)
  • Discrete Mathematics

2005 - 2011: Taught courses at Carlos III University of Madrid

  • Computer Architecture
  • Introduction to Operating Systems
  • Distributed Systems
  • Operating System Design

Supervised MSc students

2019 - Modelado de Sistemas Cloud Computing usando Perfiles de UML y Técnicas de Transformación M2T.

  • Student: Adrián Bernal Bermejo

2015 - MuTomVo: Mutation Testing framework for omnet-based simulated enVironments.

2011 - New Contributions for Modeling and Simulating Cloud Computing Environments

Supervised BSc students

I have supervised a total of 17 BSc students from 2006.

Teaching innovation projects

2019/2020 - Performance analysis of MPI applications executed on Raspberries Pi3 clusters.

  • Role: Project leader

2018/2019 - Executing MPI applications in simulated environments to analyze the overall performance of distributed architectures.

  • Role: Project leader

2017/2018 - Design and deployment of a Raspberry Pi3 cluster for executing the exercises of PSD.

  • Role: Project leader

2016/2017 - Using simulation tools for teaching distributed systems: exercises for modelling highly distributed systems.

  • Role: Project leader

2013/2014 - Extensions of the FLOP system: interface teacher/student, expansion of the data base.

  • Role: Collaborator

2008/2009 - Adapting first grade courses in Telecommunications and Industrial Engineering.

  • Role: Collaborator

2005/2006 - Platform for interactive exercises of distributed systems.

  • Role: Collaborator