peace yes 24th IFIP WG 6.1 International Conference on
Formal Techniques for Networked and
Distributed Systems FORTE 2004
27-30 September, 2004, Madrid, Spain

IFIP TC6 Student Travel Grant Programme

Under the programme, students or young researchers from an IFIP member country apply for travel and accomodation funding to make it possible for them to attend a conference or workshop sponsored, in whole or in part, by IFIP TC6 or its WGs.

Young researchers are researchers at pre-doctoral level and up to an age limit of 35 years old at the time of the conference. A committee reviews their applications and awards grants to the students who would not otherwise have the resources to attend a conference or workshop, with benefits to both the student and the conference/workshop.

The number of grants and the per-grant maximum amount are established on a case by case basis by the event organizer, depending on the total amount allowed for all grants by IFIP TC6. Grants cover travel and lodging expenses up to the per-grant maximum. Students should note that any grant is limited, so that any costs in excess of the grant will not be reimbursed. The Forte 2004 conference registration fee for students have to be paid by the partcipants.

Applications for grants will be evaluated by a committee consisting of the responsible IFIP WG chair (or TC6 chair for events not sponsored by WGs) and two others selected by the conference chair(s). Grants will be awarded based on the evaluating committee's assessment of the student's genuine financial need, the potential benefit to the student's education, research, and career, and the potential benefit to the conference. Among those students who genuinely could not attend the conference without a grant, the evaluating committee should give priority to (co-)authors of accepted papers to avoid "no shows". Students who present posters may also be favoured. The committee may also decide to make only one award per university.

The number of awards to be made is proposed by the conference chair(s) and approved by the responsible IFIP WG chair. There is no requirement that a conference or workshop make any awards under this programme, and the evaluating committee may make awards for less than the maximum established by the conference organizer.


To apply for a grant, students should send a letter to the Conference chairperson explaining how they believe attending the conference will benefit them. E-mail applications are encouraged. The letter should include

A pplications are due 8 weeks before the conference date. The committee decisions will be made 6 weeks before the conference date. If the student does in fact attend the conference, the conference organizer will either pay for or reimburse the student's institution for lodging expenses for the duration of the conference, and will reimburse the travel cost to the student's institution, without exceeding the total amount of the grant for all expenses. The conference organizer will claim the total grant amount to IFIP using the appropriate form. The total amount allowed for all grants of an event will be decided on a case by case basis by IFIP TC6 and will depend on the type of event (flagship/working conference or workshop), the importance of IFIP sponsorship (full/main/co sponsorship), and the size of the event.

Luis Fernando Llana Díaz

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