Bearing Witness

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In the case where Internet access, or all network access, is deliberately put out of service by an oppressive regime, or where communications passing via the network infrastructure are censored and/or could constitute a security risk for the parties involved in them, video/audio evidence (e.g. of human rights violations) can be crowdstreamed through a chain of mobiles until reaching a device which can act as temporary custodian of this evidence or until reaching a device with Internet access and, through the Internet, a device which can act as permanent custodian of the evidence.


Such an application would very likely be subject to attacks of many different types. It may also be advisable to develop countermeasures against possible malevolent use of the application in situations for which it was not conceived.


In most uses of this application, it will be important that any person appearing in the video stream be completely identifiable. However, there may be cases where the identity of individuals appearing in the video stream needs to be hidden, in particular, by blurring their faces. In scenarios envisaged for the witness application, if such blurring is required it will need to be done at source.