SEFM 2013

11th International Conference on
Software Engineering and Formal Methods

September 25-27, 2013, Madrid, Spain


Most Influential Paper of the first 10 years of SEFM

For the 10th anniversary of the conference, there was an award to the most influential paper of the first 10 editions of the conference. The committee selecting the recipient of the award includes organizers of all the editions of the conference and it is chaired by Manuel Núñez, General Chair of SEFM 2013.

Award Committee

The committee work was not easy because several papers deserved this distinction. After a very fruitful electronic discussion, the awarded paper was Modeling Heterogeneous Real-time Components in BIP by Ananda Basu, Marius Bozga and Joseph Sifakis. The paper was published in the 2006 edition of SEFM.