Mutation 2011 banner. March 2011, Berlin, Germany



March 25, 2011

08:30--08:45:Opening Words
Benoit Baudry
Evolving mutation from objects to the cloud.
10:00--10:30:Coffee Break
10:30--12:00:Paper Session 1: Mutation for Object Oriented Programs
Jingyu Hu, Nan Li and Jeff Offutt. An Analysis of OO Mutation Operators.
Anna Derezinska and Karol Kowalski. Object-oriented mutation applied in Common Intermediate Language programs originated from C#.
Pratyusha Madiraju and Akbar Siami Namin. ParaMu--A Partial and Higher-Order Mutation Tool with Concurrency Operators.
14:00--15:30:Paper Session 2: Efficiency of Mutation
Cu Duy Nguyen, Alessandro Marchetto and Paolo Tonella. Change Sensitivity Based Prioritization for Audit Testing of Webservice Compositions.
Sahitya Kakarla, Selina Momotaz and Akbar Siami Namin. An Evaluation of Mutation and Data-flow Testing: A Meta-Analysis.
Jaechang Nam, David Schuler and Andreas Zeller. Calibrated Mutation Testing.
Birgit Schwarz, David Schuler and Andreas Zeller. Breeding High-Impact Mutations.
15:30--16:00:Coffee Break
16:00--17:30:Paper Session 3: Other applications of Mutation
Heinz Riener, Goerschwin Fey and Roderick Bloem. Test Case Generation from Mutants using Model Checking Techniques.
Juan Boubeta-Puig, Inmaculada Medina-Bulo and Antonio García-Domínguez. Analogies and Differences between Mutation Operators for WS-BPEL 2.0 and Other Languages.
Alexandre Bartel, Jacques Klein, Yves Le Traon, Tejeddine Mouelhi, Benoit Baudry and Freddy Munoz. Model Driven Mutation Applied to Adaptative Systems Testing.