SAC04: Accepted Papers

6 A Secure Method for Signature Delegation to Mobile Agents Omaima Bamasak Ning Zhang
10 Formal Specification of Autonomous Commerce Agents Ismael Rodriguez
16 An Improved Formal Specification of the Internet Open Trading Protocol Chun Ouyang and Jonathan Billington
23 A New Signature Scheme: Joint-Signature Li-Sha HE, Ning ZHANG
27 An Anonymous Bonus Point System For Mobile Commerce Based On Word-Of-Mouth Recommendation Tobias Straub Andreas Heinemann
33 A multicriteria model for electronic auctions Marie-Jo BELLOSTA, Imene BRIGUI, Sylvie KORNMAN, Daniel VANDERPOOTEN
35 Automated Test Scenarios Generation for an E-barter System Ana Cavalli and Stephane Maag
36 Automatic verification on e-commerce: Verifying the TLS HandShake protocol G. Díaz, F. Cuartero, V. Valero and F. Pelayo
39 A framework for the classification and the reclassification of electronic catalogs DOMENICO BENEVENTANO, STEFANIA MAGNANI
41 Web Services for E-commerce: guaranteeing security access and quality of service M. Bravetti, R. Lucchi, G. Zavattaro, R. Gorrieri

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