Automated Test Scenarios Generation for an E-barter System

Ana Cavalli and Stephane Maag

To appear at SAC'04 e-commerce Technologies Track (SAC04), Nicosia, Cyprus, 14-17 March 2004


This paper presents a formal specification of an e-barter system and a set of scenarios to test the conformance of a given implementation to some targeted system functionalities. The functionalities of the e-barter system are inspired from another work that is based on intelligent agents using utility functions to represent customer preferences but also integrating transaction and shipping costs. The system specification is performed using the SDL language. It includes two markets representing two cities, both cities containing several agents representing the customers preferences. Agents are different instances of the same process, allowing the dynamic inclusion of new agents and of new resources. The scenarios are generated from the specification and from some test purposes using a tool developed at INT. The test purposes express specific system properties and are used to guide the test generation procedure that is completely automated. In this paper, we also present the experimentation results of the application of our tool to the e-barter system.

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