Formal Specification of Autonomous Commerce Agents

Ismael Rodriguez

To appear at SAC'04 e-commerce Technologies Track (SAC04), Nicosia, Cyprus, 14-17 March 2004


Reliability is a key challenge in e-commerce platforms in general and in autonomous commerce multi-agent systems in particular. Most formal methods proposed to check reliability of these systems focus on checking low-level details such as the communication protocols among agents. In this paper we present a formalism to specify autonomous commerce agents as well as systems made of them. This formalism focuses on describing the high-level behavior of agents. Thus, agents are considered economic entities that have different preferences along time and must perform transactions according to them. Besides, we specify systems as environments where all the agents fulfill their own specification. These formalisms can be applied to check the reliability of an agent or system by comparing its behavior with that of its specification.

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