Welcome to ECST 2021

Current software systems are increasingly complex and, therefore, it is more difficult and costly to ensure that they do what they are supposed to do. Software testing plays a key role to increase the confidence on the correctness of systems. Despite the huge amount of resources devoted to testing (up to 60% of the budget), testing is still mainly a manual and prone to errors process. Therefore, there is a need to improve testing so that costs can be cut, by automating most of the tasks, and the amount of detected errors can be increased, by using better techniques.

During the last years, we are contemplating the emergence of new testing techniques based on the application of evolutionary computation techniques. The reliability of intelligent systems is improved thanks to good software testing methodologies and software testing is improved thanks to knowledge obtained from the techniques used to develop these systems. The main aim of this special session is to contribute to the progress in the improvement and appropriate use of evolutionary computation techniques in software testing. We are interested in the adaption of existing testing approaches but we also look forward to novel testing techniques based on evolutionary computation. We are sure that the collaboration of researchers from different areas will result in benefits that can be applied in some of the research lines that are under the umbrella of the CEC conference.

The topics of interest for this special session include, but not are limited to, the following:

  • Evolutionary techniques in Software testing.
  • Formal approaches in evolutionary computation.
  • Risk analysis of complex systems using evolutionary computation.
  • Monitoring of intelligent systems.
  • Case studies and applications.