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Formalizando el proceso de depuración en programación funcional paralela y perezosa.(Formalizing the debugging process in lazy functional parallel languages)

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Finally I finished my Thesis. Here you have my thesis in Spanish. If you want to read the most important chapters in English here I present the relation between my thesis and the papers published. Of course these chapters on my thesis has more details, some corrections and includes some contents not appearing in the papers. Besides in my thesis I include the proofs of the theorems appearing in Chapter 8.


One of the result of my thesis consist in the extensión of Hood library to GpH and Eden. This extension tries to mantain the original intentions of Hood library, that is, that the only extensión nedeed is the function unsafePerformIO, but it uses the C directives that manages the semaphores of the system and because of that it is needed the _ccall_ function.
Recently some libraries have disappeared from version GHC 6.6, that is the lang library. Now, some of the functions that are needed in this tool that was in this package are in base package. Then, to compile the library Hood it is needed to import the base package. Because of that here there are two versions of this tool.
When you use the library in GpH and Eden. A file with the observations is produced in every computer the program is evaluating. This observations are produced in file "/tmp/events.tmp". If you want to change that you should change the constant "eventsFile" in "semaforo.c".
When you are running the application in "real" parallel, that is with different machines, it is not very interesting to use the monad "RunO" as it only presents the annotations in file where the main thread has been created.

The speculation analysis in GpH and Eden

Another tool corresponds with a tool for speculation analysis. This tool receives one file with observations annotated with a time stamp.
To produce this time stamps you should use the following semaforo.c file. This is a preliminar versión in Spanish and without comments. TOOL
To compile it I use the command "ghc -fvia-C -fglasgow-exts -package base -cpp -o trataFile trataFichero.hs".

Other analysis